City of Pittsburg, Texas


Contact for information: 903-856-3621 

J.D. McElhaney

Pittsburg has three historic cemeteries within the city limits: Rose Hill, Cedar Grove and Pitts Cemetery. These wonderful old cemeteries date from the early years of Pittsburg. Only Rose Hill and Cedar Grove are active cemeteries with burials permitted in lots purchased from the City of Pittsburg.

Pitts Cemetery is now preserved as a historical site and burials are no longer permitted. Located just west of downtown on Quitman Street, stop and read the markers for this historic cemetery.

Burial lots in Cedar Grove and Rose Hill Cemetery must be purchased from the City, with the exception of a family plot already established in the old part of Cedar Grove Cemetery. Any lot purchased can only be sold back to the City at the original purchase price.

Lots are ten feet by ten feet and accommodate two graves, except for certain lots which the City Manager may designate as ten feet by five feet for a one grave lot. The cost is $500 for each single ten foot by five foot grave lot.

The funeral home or mortuary handling the funeral service is responsible for opening and closing the graves; and also for removing and disposing of surplus dirt within 48 hours after the funeral.

The cemeteries are open to the public between sunrise and sunset daily. Any person found inside the public cemeteries when the cemeteries are not open shall be prosecuted.

(See Code of Ordinances for additional information)