The Water Department is responsible for the production and distribution of water throughout the community and includes the maintenance of water wells, treatment plants, booster pumps, storage tanks, water meters, and waste-water distribution lines.

The City's water comes from Lake Bob Sandlin and eight deep-water wells that provide metered water service and fire protection to the City's residents.

The department is also responsible for the maintenance of sewer mains and lines, manholes, lift stations, sewer connections, and operates and maintains two waste-water treatment plants.

The Water Department Director, Tim Reynolds, joined the City of Pittsburg in 1985 as a labor in field water/waste-water operator. Since 1992 he has served as the water department director. Tim holds both TCEQ B Waste-water license and a TCEQ C surface license. 

Tim Reynolds is a Pittsburg native with a strong passion for serving the community by providing the safest and cleanest water/waste-water for Pittsburg. Tim’s wife Terry and two daughters, Lacy & Camille call Pittsburg their home.