Financial Assistance

The Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation operates on funding secured by a 1/3 cent sales tax. Qualifications for assistance are predicated on the Corporation's fund availability.

Business Assistance

The Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation offers assistance to businesses that would like to expand their existing operations or want to relocate or expand their operations into the City of Pittsburg.

If you are a business owner, or thinking about opening a new business we encourage you to contact our office for more information about financial assistance and support.

The Freeport Exemption

Texas does not have a State Income Tax. For that reason, a large component of taxation to support government services comes to the Cities, Counties, and School Districts from Sales Taxes and from Ad Valorem Taxes. Many communities and School Districts continue to place and Ad Valorem Tax on inventories. Pittsburg Independent School District has chosen to not tax "Freeport Goods". By definition, Freeport Goods are:

... goods, wares, merchandise, other tangible property are exempt from ad valorem taxation if: (1) the property is acquired in or imported into this State to be forwarded outside this State (2) the property is detained in this State for assembling, storing, manufacturing, processing, or fabricating purposes and (3) the property is transported outside this State not later than 175 days after the date the person acquired or imported the property in this State.

The "Freeport Tax Exemption" can be huge to both manufacturing concerns that ship a large portion of their goods outside the State of Texas and to Distribution operations that cover territories outside the State.