Incentives & Financing

Business Assistance

The Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) Incentive is an economic support program used primarily to attract new businesses to the City of Pittsburg or to assist with the substantial expansion of an existing business as part of a competitive recruitment process. The incentive is funded by a 1/3 cent sales tax. 

 Applicants must meet with the Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) Director prior to submitting an application, to obtain an understating of the potential project eligibility and the total project requested incentives.

 If a project is approved for a PEDC Incentive award, a performance-based grant contract known as the Performance Agreement will be executed, which will include provisions to ensure that the City of Pittsburg taxpayer funds is spent effectively and efficiently. 

If you are a business owner or thinking about opening a new business we encourage you to contact our office for more information about financial assistance and support.