The Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) creates and manages a range of programs that support and develop a vibrant local economy, including business attraction, retention and expansion; economic planning and forecasting; expanding the City's economic base throughout the City.


PEDC is a nonprofit public corporation governed by the development corporation act of 1979. It is organized to improve the well-being of the community by creating a balanced, healthy economy for the City of Pittsburg.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation is the generate, preserve, and enhance economic opportunities for all citizens of Camp County.

In order to fulfill this mission, six goals have been identified by the PEDC Board of Directors. The six goals are: diversify the local business/industrial base, enhance existing business/industry, preserve and enhance the quality of the community, be good stewards of the economic development sales tax, and partner with other organizations to further community goals.