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Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation

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The Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) is a nonprofit public corporation governed by the Development Corporation Act of 1979. It is organized to improve the well-being of the community by creating a balanced, healthy economy for the City of Pittsburg.



The mission of the Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation is to generate, preserve and enhance economic opportunities  for all citizens of Camp County.


Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation Bylaws

In order to fulfill this mission, six goals have been identified by the PEDC Board of Directors:


• Create a sound local economy which attracts investment, increases the tax base, creates employment opportunities for Pittsburg residents
• Enhance existing business/industry
• Foster increased downtown revitalization
• Be good stewards of the economic development sales tax
• Actively and aggressively pursue film & commercials to use Pittsburg
• Continue to support and invest in projects and development that add to the overall quality of life in Pittsburg that helps to attract new business and residents


The City of Pittsburg recognizes that a well organized economic developments vital to the future economic health of our community. Such an effort for Pittsburg includes the commitment and cooperation of the City of Pittsburg, the Pittsburg-Camp County Chamber of Commerce, Camp County and the Camp County Industrial Foundation; as well as Pittsburg Independent School District and Northeast Texas Community College. The success of the program also depends upon the support of major business and industry in Pittsburg.


The activities in the Economic Development Plan fall into several time frames. Some of the activities are currently underway. The plan includes one-time events, as well as continual processes.


Throughout this plan, the term "support" refers to encouragement, advocacy or in-kind assistance and should not be interpreted as providing financial assistance.