Art & Wine Festival Q&A


Vendor Q & A 

Q: Where do you obtain the wines for tastings? Do we provide those as a donation or get reimbursed depending on the number of tickets collected or do you purchase from our distributor? 

A: A winery can submit an application to be a vendor at the event. If approved, the winery will be provided with a map and location event address so they can submit for their TABC temporary permit. The event organizer will sell individual glasses to attendees at the gate. Wineries will sell their tasting at their booth directly to the customer and use the glass. 

Q: Are we able to sell wine by the glass, bottle or case directly to the customer?

A: Yes, if your TABC permit allows.

Q: What type of artist vendors do you accept for this festival?

A: We accept artists and those who are handmade artisans and gourmet artisans at this event. We do not accept any multi-level marketing vendors. 

Q: I am a food truck. Can you accommodate me?

A: Yes. We are looking to add additional food trucks to the festival. The City provides both 110v and 220v plugs.

Q: Are there hotel accommodations provided or discounted hotel rates?

A: Please check back. We are currently working with local facilities to provide Art & Wine Festival rates. 

Q: Where can I find the registration paperwork and is there a fee? 

There is a fee for wineries, artists and food vendors. Please contact City Hall located at 200 Rusk Street Pittsburg Texas for details. Phone Number is: 903-856-3621.

Q: Will there be WiFi at the festival location?

A: No. WiFi is not provided at this location. If you need WiFi you will need to provide your own internet connection. 

Q: Can you tell us what we are able to sell and not sell?

A: This is a juried event and all applications will go before a selection committee for final selection and approval. The committee will have the ability the day of the festival to ask a vendor to remove anything that they find inappropriate or offensive. 


Attendee Q &A  

Q: Where does the Art & Wine Festival take place?

A: The festival is held on North Ave and Marshall St. on both sides of Pilgrim Plaza in Historic Downtown Pittsburg. 

 Q: How much does it cost to attend?

A: All attendees who plan to taste wine will pay $5 at the gate in order to taste and receive a souvenir wine glass and bag. Attendees not wishing to drink, admission will be free. 

Q: Do you recommend a local bed and breakfast or hotel for out of town guests? 

A: Lavender Mermaid Farm

Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards Cottages

Barefoot Bay Marina & RV Resort 

Executive Inn

Q: Is this a family friendly event?

A: Absolutely. There will be food, music and artists for shopping. People young and old attend each year. 

Q: Do you have recommendations for evening hour restaurants?

A: Our local winery Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards  recently earned 2nd Place in USA Today's Top 10 List for best winery restaurants. 

The City of Pittsburg has lots of great restaurants to choose from, including our world famous Pittsburg Hot Links, Mexican food, barbecue and more. 

Q: Other than the festival, are there other things to do in Pittsburg during our visit?

A: The festival takes place around our newly constructed Pilgrim Plaza which sits adjacent to Witness Park, the home of the Prayer Tower that has Paccard bells from France and a meditation pool. Our downtown district is on the National Register of Historical Places. Pittsburg is home to two award winning museums, the Depot Museum and the Farmstead Museum. 

Q: Does my $5 cover tastings?

A: The purchase of tasting is not included in your entrance fee. Each winery will charge their own set amount for tastings and wine by the glass. 

Q: Will I be able to use a credit card?

A: We encourage you to bring cash. Some vendors have taken credit card transactions in the past. Entrance fee will be cash only.