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Uniformed patrol officers are the most visible members of the Pittsburg Police Department. Officers are proactive in their approach to improve quality of life issues for our citizens. 

The Patrol officers are broken up into two squads of 3 officers, with each squad being headed by a Sergeant.  They will answer approximately 8000 calls for service each year while patrolling over 60,000 miles yearly. 

These officers are the first line of defense protecting our citizens from the criminal element.  Patrol officers receive more than the required minimums of training in an effort to better ensure the safety for our citizens and to better enforce the laws of the State of Texas, as well as local ordinances and federal law. 



After an initial report is completed by patrol officers, the followup investigation for any crime starts here.  This includes the identification of suspects, processing of physical evidence, identifying and interviewing additional witnesses if possible and presentation of investigative cases to a felony or misdemeanor prosecutor.  Along with this, it is imperative to develop information to assist with crime prevention. 

Currently the Department only has one Investigator who also serves as second in command of the Department.  The Investigator oversees all investigations and ensures that proper protocols are followed.  Extensive training helps us to provide the best service to our citizens possible.



Records are a vital part of our Department.  Numerous state and federal laws, as well as best practices dictate how criminal cases are kept, for how long and what information is available. 



The Animal Control Officer helps to ensure that our community enjoys a high quality of life by enforcing laws that protect citizens from dangerous animals and domestic animals from abuse and neglect. 



The Code Compliance Officer deals with premise based code violations.  These violations have a direct effect on our citizens quality of life from health concerns to property values. Learn more about code compliance here.