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Board/Commission/Committee Membership Policy

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A. Scope. The terms of the Policy shall apply to the appointment of all current and future boards appointed or created by the city council, except where in conflict with applicable state statutes, contracts, or as otherwise provided.

B. Definitions.

1. Board: A group appointed or created by the city council to serve a particular purpose and with a membership set by the city council, sometimes referred to as a Commission or Committee.

2. Regular Board: Boards that have regularly scheduled monthly or bi-monthly meetings; including the following:

  • Pittsburg/Camp County Library Board
  • Pittsburg Housing Authority
  • Northeast Texas Municipal Water District

3. Periodic Board: Boards that either meet quarterly, less often, or only “as needed,” including the following:

  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustments
  • Parks & Recreations Planning Board
  • Main Street Committee
  • Pittsburg Economic Development Corporation
  • Pittsburg Centennial Committee

4. Members: All appointees to a board described herein who have voting authority.

5. Quorum: Means a majority of a board’s members.

C. Eligibility. Members must reside inside the city limits, unless otherwise provided, and should not have any delinquent personal or business city taxes, city utilities or other city assessments, and must not have any claim pending against the city.

D. Appointment process. The city secretary will develop a board handbook that explains the qualification, duties and responsibilities of each board and the appointment process. An application form will be included. In November of each year, the city secretary will solicit applications from eligible citizens through the media and other means. Each appointee must certify that they have read this policy that pertains to attendance and acknowledge they
understand the duties and responsibilities of the position. Each December these applications, and applications from incumbents, who wish to be re-appointed, will be compiled and submitted to the council. The city secretary shall be responsible for the applications’ completeness. The city secretary shall check each nominee’s qualification and include the completed applications in the information sent to the city council. The council will be provided an attendance report detailing the number of absences of each current member and a status report on vacancies. All applicants will be considered at an executive session and the council will jointly select the most qualified individuals for the available positions. The appointments should be made in January. The Mayor shall be responsible for recognition of appointees not continuing service.

E. Vacancies. Vacancies occurring on the board shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the city council from completed applications. If no completed applications are available, the city secretary will solicit applications from eligible citizens.

F. Terms of office; selection of presiding officer; other officers.

  1. The terms of office for all boards shall be for two (2) years staggered, and shall expire on the 31st day of July, unless otherwise provided. Members shall continue to serve until their replacement has been appointed and qualified.
  2. The presiding officer and vice presiding officer, to serve in the presiding officer’s absence, shall be elected by the regular members of the said board, unless otherwise provided. Election of the presiding officer and vice presiding officer shall be annually and at the board’s first meeting after January 1.

G. Maximum terms of office. No member of any board shall be appointed to that same board as a regular member for more than three (3) complete successive full terms unless otherwise provided. This provision shall apply to all future appointments.

H. One membership. No member shall serve on more than one board at a time.

I. Salary. All members including ex-officio members shall serve without salary.

J. No financial liability. No board, or any member thereof, shall incur any financial liability in the name of the city without proper authorization.

K. Attendance.

  1. Active participation by all appointed members is necessary for proper functioning of boards. Once notice of a meeting has been supplied to a board member, it shall be the responsibility of that member to either attend or, prior to the time of the meeting, notify the city staff (Periodic Boards) or the appropriate organization’s director (Regular Boards) of his/her inability to attend.
  2. For “Regular Boards”, as defined herein, any member unable to attend a meeting shall notify the appropriate organization’s director. Failure to attend at least two-thirds of the meeting of the board for which that person was appointed for any six-month period during which the appointee is a member of the board will be considered as a voluntary resignation.
  3. For “Periodic Boards” failure to attend three consecutive meetings will be considered as a voluntary resignation.
  4. If an appointee fails to attend as required herein and thus voluntarily resigns, or for other reasons resigns, the city council shall appoint a person to the unexpired term. The city secretary is designated to develop a program whereby minutes are taken and distributed timely, attendance taken, and appropriate action taken.

L. Use of position. Appointed members shall not use or refer to their position in writing letters or taking public positions unless approved by a majority of the board and approved by the city council.

M. Removal of members. The city council, by majority vote, shall have the authority to remove any member of a board from office whenever, in its discretion, the best interests of the city shall be served thereby, except as provided in state statutes.