Mayors Page


Welcome to Pittsburg! Thank you for visiting our site. With a population of a little more than 5,000, a rich history and proximity to beautiful lakes and State Parks, Pittsburg is a wonderful place to call home. There are not too many communities where you can literally have it all: a pastoral setting in one of America’s most vibrant regions with access to leading educational, entertainment, and outdoor activities, not to mention nationally headquartered companies and entrepreneurial employers.

So what makes our Town so special? You’ll probably get a different answer from each of our citizens but I personally believe it comes down to this: a diverse group of citizens pulling for the common good to build a community that will be a model of livability, sustainability and creativity all the while protecting the natural resources and beauty which are of high value to the community.

We stand for preservation of what has come and what has been given to our area while appreciating that the future is now and continued growth will happen. Our citizens appreciate and desire wildlife, hillsides, streams, open spaces and agriculture. We pursue ways to stay healthy and connected. We encourage volunteerism and celebrate when we find ways to get things done without huge expense to taxpayers. We look out for one another. We have fun.

The City of Pittsburg is committed to working with the community to ensure that the City effectively serves its citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses to help all succeed while nurturing our strong sense of place.

I warmly welcome you to our beautiful town in Northeast Texas. Stop by City Hall and stay awhile, I know you’ll be glad you did.

Shawn Kennington
Mayor of Pittsburg